Second part, the new single by Laura Stangl

After several years of constant and disciplined work, the Colombian artist Laura Stangl announces its signing with NIÜ Entertainment Group and ADA Music Latin, one of the world’s largest digital distribution companies, part of Warner Music Group.

On this occasion and as a first step, the Colombian presents us with the song called Second part, what it is is your cover letter with a daily composition that reflects the feeling of someone who has done everything possible not to remember that special someone who has already left, but then for some inexplicable reason relives all those feelings and memories that they remained from the past, managing to connect thanks to the reality of the lyrics with the life of their audience.

The theme was composed by Laura Stangl in company of Natalia Bautista, Susana Isaza and Pablo Arévalo.

It is noteworthy that Laura Stangl is a singer-songwriter who gives prominence to her lyrics and thanks to her versatility and unique voice, she manages to offer her own proposal, which easily unfolds in any musical field, getting to refresh the scene and quickly emerging as one of the new figures of the Colombian pop music for the world.

About her new project the artist said the following:

“The objective is that my songs from the first moment sound like Laura Stangl and I feel that with Second Part I succeeded. It is indisputably pop, because since I was little it is my favorite musical genre, but in the musical production, we did it Nicolas Ladrón, Agustino and I, we put elements that cannot be missing in a pop song such as a guitar, drums, piano, but if you listen well you can see the influence of other genres. I love electronic music, house and I wanted that to be reflected in my song then we use “vocal chops” and rises very of that genre

The official video of this new theme shows intimate details of the artist’s life, taking a fascinating journey through her favorite colors, old cars, some riddles and a lot of secret messages that her fans will be able to decipher as the story unfolds, getting to know the Laura’s identity as a person and artist, a concept that complements very well with the lyrics of the single.

This year from the hand of NIÜ Entertainment Group in alliance with ADA and Warner Chappell, Laura Stangl will continue to explore her musical, interpretive and compositional versatility to create new songs that she will present during this second semester of the year, making clear her stamp as an artist, connecting with quality and everyday themes, her discipline and growth being an inspiration for future artists. from the country.



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