Second doses: Kicillof announced free vaccination for those over 60 | For immunized with Astrazeneca, Sputnik or Sinopharm

The Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof, announced that in the whole province the stage of Second-dose “free vaccine” against Covid for people over 60. In the same way, he affirmed that, also starting today, immunization for 17-year-old adolescents begins, without risk factors.

“For the older than 60 years who have reached eight weeks after the first dose of Astrazeneca or Sputnik, or they have fulfilled three weeks from the first dose of Sinopharm, there is a second free dose in the vaccination centers of the province ”, detailed the provincial president during an act in Florencio Varela.

Is about “A very important milestone because it will reach us to complete the schemes with the population most at risk”, remarked the president.

In the same way, it came to the crossroads of the criticisms that the national government had received from sectors of the opposition: “They said they were not going to bring second doses and against that today we are leaving second doses free for people over 60 years old ”.

Kicillof carried out there a tour of the vaccination center that operates at the Arturo Jauretche National University (UNAJ), within the framework of the “Buenos Aires Vacunate” plan.

There he stressed that the expansion of the free vaccination device is possible because throughout the Buenos Aires territory “there have already been 16 consecutive weeks of falling cases.” “This does not mean that the Covid is tired or that we are lucky, but that what is defeating the virus is the vaccine that the national government brought”, he pointed out.

“You have to vaccinate, vaccinate and vaccinate”

On the other hand, the governor announced that as of today adolescents between 12 and 17 years old without comorbidities who have registered to be vaccinated will begin to be summoned.

“We have vaccinated 170 children under 18 years of age with a first dose who had some risk, a pre-existing disease, but we had not progressed with those under that age without comorbidities (…) Now we are taking turns for 125 of them”Confirmed the provincial president.

He specified that the vaccines available for that age group will be those made by Moderna and Pfizer laboratories, which have already been approved and in other countries were used in children and young people.

“We have practically covered the entire 18-year-old population with one dose. We have 7 million vaccinated with two doses. So now, free vaccine for those over 60 and shifts for boys and girls under between 12 and 17 without comorbidities. Sign up that there are vaccines. You have to vaccinate, vaccinate and vaccinate“Kicillof summed up.



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