Second dolphin washed up on the Zeeland coast, help comes too late | NOW

Another dolphin washed up on the Zeeland coast on Sunday, reports SOS Dolphin. Saturday a dolphin also washed ashore. Both dolphins probably belong to the three injured animals Friday were still spotted near the Oosterscheldekering.

The dolphin was found alive on the beach at Breskens on Sunday. Emergency workers from the Sea Mammals Rescue Team in the Zeeland region came to the beach with a special transport box and the coast guard was alerted to possibly accompany the animal to sea with a vessel.

The effort was in vain because not much later the dolphin died on the beach. The dolphin that was found on Saturday had also died on the beach.

The two dolphins found probably belong to a group of three dolphins that were seen in the Oosterscheldekering on Friday.

The bodies of the animals are transferred to Utrecht. There, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will investigate the cause of the dolphins’ death and why they were stranded.

Dolphins usually swim in warmer water than the North Sea

The sighting of the dolphins on Friday was special because this species does not usually live off the Dutch coast. The animals swam at the locks of the Oosterscheldekering

Dolphins usually live in warmer waters, but this year a remarkable number of sightings have been made off the Dutch coast.


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