Second division team Crefelder HTC about to be promoted back to the Bundesliga

CHTC wants to celebrate the resurgence on Sunday

With two victories on Saturday in Düsseldorf and on Sunday in Mönchengladbach, the Krefeld team can complete their early return to the Bundesliga. The women compete in Hamburg on both days.

May is the merry month – spring brings warm temperatures, everything grows and sprouts. And athletes celebrate a lot and vigorously during the month, because this is where the decisions in terms of championship and relegation are usually made. The Crefeld HTC will also be celebrating vigorously in May – possibly as early as this weekend. Because in two away games against direct neighbors, the hockey players of the Crefeld HTC can make the direct return to the 1st Bundesliga perfect. With two victories at DSD Düsseldorf (Saturday, 3 p.m.) and the pursuer Gladbacher HTC (Sunday, 11 a.m.) they could not be denied a return to the top German league.

The Krefeld team may only have a nine-point lead with five games left, but since they are going to face second-placed Gladbach in a direct comparison, the six additional points are ideally enough for them. But also with other results, also due to the outstanding goal difference of 67:15 hits, the first place in the table can only be taken away from them in theory.

The encounter in Mönchengladbach in particular will be intense, as both clubs know each other well and numerous spectators are expected. In addition, with Elias Trueson at GHTC, who will probably be out due to injury, and Krefeld’s Phillip Jansen on both sides, players who also wore the other jersey not so long ago play on both sides. Phillip Jansen, like Linus Michler, Elias Friedrich and Luis Holste, is available again and strengthens coach Ronan Gormley’s squad. In the first leg, the ex-Gladbacher, who is the fourth-best CHTC scorer with six goals this season, was in brilliant form and was the man of the match with decisive goals against both teams. The leader proved his quality both against the DSD (2:1) and against the GHTC, against which the Krefeld team led early and finally won 4:3.

In any case, the Krefeld team won’t have any motivation problems, emphasizes coach Ronan Gormley, who also warns against strong opponents. “Of course, the possibility of early promotion gives you an extra portion of motivation,” says the coach. “DSD Düsseldorf plays good, structured hockey and has a lot of young talent in its ranks. And the Gladbacher HTC has lightning-fast counter specialists in the team, like Mustapha Cassiem. We have to show our strengths and put in top performances in both games to win. But we’re in a good mood at the moment, and we underlined that last Saturday with the 6-1 win against Hannover. And the atmosphere and team spirit are good too. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to the two games this weekend.”

Düsseldorf is currently in fifth place and has significantly less power than the CHTC and Gladbach, especially on the offensive. At the GHTC, more than half of the goals are due to the South African brothers Abdud “Dayaan” (24 goals) and Mustaphaa Cassiem (11 goals).

There are also two away games for the women of the CHTC: on Saturday at the Klipper THC Hamburg, on Sunday just a few kilometers away at the Hamburger Polo Club.

The first leg against Klipper was postponed due to a positive corona test and the home game was swapped so that the game will not take place in Krefeld as planned, but in Hamburg. The fourth-placed Hanseatic women are one place and six points behind the Krefeld women, so that a duel on an equal footing is to be expected. Klipper’s most accurate player is Eileen Mävers, who has already scored ten goals.

The Polo Club can be found in seventh place in the second half of the league tableau, but is not in danger of relegation. Both first legs ended 1:1.

“Klipper is currently on the upswing. As in the first leg, we have to put our best hockey on the field,” demands coach André Schiefer. “And the Polo Club team should not be underestimated either. But I think we have a real chance of scoring. If we play like we did in the first leg in October, it will be a hot game. Thank God my team can play freely. Because it doesn’t matter whether you end up with second or third place. We will definitely be satisfied and anyone who watches a game of ours will notice how much fun the players are having.”

The CHTC has to do without the experienced first-choice goalkeeper Sonja Thüner, who is out for a long time and is confidently represented by the young Jana Gillessen.

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