Second court failure of Donald Trump’s staff in Pennsylvania

Donald Trump’s staff suffered a second judicial defeat in Pennsylvania. The local court rejected the appeal of the president’s lawyers regarding the alleged electoral irregularities. In this year’s presidential election, it was Pennsylvania that ultimately determined Joe Biden’s victory.

A state appeals court ruled that Donald Trump’s staff did not provide any evidence of alleged election fraud. One week ago, the court of first instance ruled similarly. The US president’s lawyers have already announced that they will appeal the latest decision to the Supreme Court.

According to the election results approved in recent days by the government commission, Joe Biden won 306 electoral votes, and Donald Trump won 232 votes. Pennsylvania prevailed in favor of the Democratic candidate, where Biden won 20 electoral votes.

On Tuesday (November 24), the state’s voting results were finally approved by local authorities.

Even before the election, Donald Trump spoke about the alleged frauds, but neither then nor after the vote did he provide evidence of this. The Republican staff filed a dozen or so electoral lawsuits in several states, but none of the alleged irregularities was found by the court.

The U.S. government’s special election agency ruled that the vote was lawful and that there was no irregularity. International observers say the same.

Despite allegations of forgery, Donald Trump has already agreed to initiate a transformation procedure between his administration and the team of future president Joe Biden.

The final decision to elect a democrat for president will be made on December 14 by the Electoral College. However, it is supposed to be only a formality, because electors cannot vote as they see fit, but according to the results of individual states.

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