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After two seasons with RC Grasse, Sébastien Amoros is a new AS Cannes player. He explains the reasons for his departure and tells us about his ambitions with his new club.

Sébastien, how were the two seasons with RC Grasse?

Frankly I would say that everything went well. I came from England (Port Vale D4), I had a big first season, and I played many matches. After this season, I played a little less but I still had some playing time. In addition, my season started badly. From the first day, I took four games of suspension. Then, when I came back, we were first for a good period but hey the championship had to stop… Afterwards, there are things that I did not like, but I remember that the positive, the club had ambitions and I had two good seasons.

You are now an AS Cannes player. What prompted you to sign for this club?

My meeting with the coach played a lot in my signing. He explained the club’s project to me, and frankly I was won over. In addition, AS Cannes remains one of the biggest clubs in the region and the club’s ambitions are very interesting. Participating in the club’s project is a real challenge! RC Grasse made me a proposal for an extension, but we did not agree. In the meantime, the Cannes coach told me of his desire to recruit me, and I immediately adhered to the values ​​he wants to transmit to the team and to the project more generally.

How is your debut under your new colors?

We resumed on July 1st and frankly, I’m super happy, everything is off to a great start. The group is super nice, everyone lives well. There are good guys, quality. There is a great state of mind, everyone is going in the same direction and this is very important. We are all in line with the project, and the whole group is determined. Now there are some great things to do and I am ready to go.

What are your goals with AS Cannes?

I want to be a stone in this building that is the Cannes project. I know that I have qualities and a very good state of mind. I want to bring as much of my potential as possible, by contributing as much as possible to the collective. After that, I have to have fun on and off the pitch. I would say that what marks the footballers are the adventures and I hope to live a good one with AS Cannes.

Crédit photo : Kevin Mesa (AS Cannes)



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