Sebastián Villa case: the complainant’s lawyer gave details of the case | The Boca player is charged with sexual abuse with carnal access and attempted murder

Today the Department of Inclusion and Equality of the Boca Juniors Club issued a statement on the case Sebastian Villa as a result of the accusation of the striker for sexual abuse with carnal access and attempted homicide. The plaintiff’s lawyer Robert Castillotold in dialogue with Branca Back in AM 750how was the complaint process and gave details of the cause.

He spent six and a half hours testifying in front of a prosecutor and in front of Villa’s lawyer. She underwent a psychiatric expertise today in front of the legal medical body”, he explained and said that as part of the evidence they delivered a communication between the player and the complainant where “They tried to manipulate her”.

How did the Club respond?

Asked about the role of Club Boca Juniors in the case, the lawyer stated that the institution “he didn’t even call the victim”. Despite the fact that in the statement the Department of Inclusion and Equality stated that it made itself available for the investigation to clarify the case, Castillo assured that “they simply responded to a request from the prosecutor’s office that requested the telephone number, the address, the full name” of the player.

On the other hand, the lawyer stated: “The club has every right in the world to use the employee until a preventive detention or sentence is handed down”. However, Castillo opined that “You have to be careful with the expressions that people who are referents in sport have” given that it is an ongoing investigation.

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days ago, the vice president of mouth, Juan roman riquelmereferred to the footballer in a television interview: “The truth is that we as a professional with that boy have to take our hat off”. And he added: “Then, what happens off the pitch is another matter, but it’s wonderful to have a player who for two and a half years didn’t miss a single training session”.

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