Sebastian Turner takes off with an exclusive China newsletter

With the China coverage, a planned series of new offers from Turner’s media company Table.Media, which belongs to the Trafo MediaTech Group in Berlin, is to start. The correspondent and expert editorial team that the long-time Tagesspiegel publisher put together is intended to “reduce the information asymmetry between Germany and the world power China”.

To this end, Turner has hired the supposedly “largest independent German-speaking China editorial team”. He draws on various older contacts – from Tagesspiegel and Holtzbrinck times. In terms of content, the daily briefing should “combine the quality of leading media with the depth of focus of specialist information and the speed of daily news”.

Antje Sirleschtov is the editor-in-chief of the China newsletter. She was the managing editor and head of department at Tagesspiegel.

The bestselling author Frank Sieren will report from China itself. For over 20 years he was a correspondent for the Handelsblatt, Die Zeit, WirtschaftsWoche and the Süddeutsche Zeitung, among others. Gregor Koppenburg also reports from the Middle Kingdom. He received the Grimme Prize for the film “Sewol”.

From Europe and Germany, the sinologist Amelie Richter, who was previously in the dpa service, the foreign correspondent and author Marcel Grzanna (SZ, Tagesanzeiger), the business journalist and Africa expert Nico Beckert (previously worked for the Tagesspiegel), the sinologist Finn Mayer -Kuckuk (previously China correspondent for Dumont and Handelsblatt) and the journalist and China expert Ning Wang (previously correspondent for Tagesspiegel and author at NZZ and Zeit) gathered information about China.

background: The China.Table Professional Briefing is aimed at decision-makers and experts from business, science, politics, administration, NGOs and associations. The offer is to be financed from subscription fees and publication fees from third parties, as Trafo says. These third parties should use the newsletter “like a news agency,” according to an initial announcement. According to these announcements, advertising revenue will “only play a minor role” – in job and event advertisements. The design of China.Table and the company Table.Media itself comes from design luminary and freestyle editor Raban Ruddigkeit.

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