Sebastian Szymaski told how Paulo Sousa treated him. And it’s hard to believe the Polish national team

Sebastian Szymański moved in the summer on a loan from Dynamo Moscow at the Feyenoord Rotterdam. This move proved to be a success, as the 23-year-old quickly integrated into the new squad and became his important link in the squad. He has scored two goals and three assists in seven games so far. He receives mostly positive reviews for his game. It was similar when he performed in the Moscow ensemble. Despite this, the footballer did not have many opportunities to play for the Polish national team at the time. Many experts indicated that the main reason for this was the conflict between the midfielder and Paulo Sousa, the then general manager of the national team.

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“Today he is the best goalkeeper in Europe”. So why doesn’t he play for Michniewicz?

Szymański talks about his relationship with Sousa. “He deceived all the Poles, but not me”

At the time of the Portuguese manager, Szymański only appeared on the pitch in one match. It was the World Cup qualifying match with Hungary (3: 3). Then the midfielder showed up on the wrong side. However, the experts tried to justify the poor performance of the footballer. It was indicated that the player performed in an unusual position, that is, on the left pendulum. Everyone knows that Szymański prefers the midfield or the winger.

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– Honestly, I don’t know what it was. But I have no complaints about the coach. I can’t judge him as a coach, because I’ve only been to his training camp once, and somewhere in the position he chose for me, and also in the tasks I was supposed to do. It wasn’t that I had a freedom. It was like this: keep the line and how you will do it pik, through. It didn’t suit me either – admitted Szymański in the “Foot Truck” program on YouTube.

– He didn’t betray me. He deceived all the Poles, but he did not deceive me. A joke, sure, but I was wondering why I’m not in the frame when he’s doing well in the club. I didn’t play in my position in the squad and there was no moment when the manager checked me. Then I came a second time but I had an injury and I saw that I was not in the plans so I decided to go back to the club to treat her, he continued.

Szymański also spoke about the unusual situation in staff training. – There was a situation that the Goat [Kacper Kozłowski – przyp. red] he lost the ball, so the coach told him something. He didn’t stop training because of me. Then we got to the briefing and we said that there are players who don’t train as if they wanted to, who didn’t run with GPS. And this was a workout where I set up the game pieces, so where should I run? He later said that I wasn’t working in training, that I had lost the ball and that there was no desire to receive. The GPS also didn’t show that I was running. At that point I didn’t even think about talking to him – he added.

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Eventually, Szymański pointed out that although he didn’t understand Sousa, he respected his decision not to be called. Furthermore, he had no intention of questioning the tactic chosen by the coach. The Pole also denied that there was a conflict between him and the coach. “If Sousa thinks otherwise, it’s his business,” he concluded.

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Szymański’s situation in the national team changed dramatically when Czesław Michniewicz sat on the coach’s bench. Now the midfielder appears regularly on the pitch. He has appeared in recent meetings with the Netherlands and Wales as part of the League of Nations. Although Szymański still cannot be sure of his appointment worldit is definitely a favorite. The Polish national team went to group C of the world championship. Biało-Czerwoni will fight with Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Argentina for promotion to the next stage of the tournament.

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