Sebastian Stan talks about his participation in ‘Captain America 4’

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has shown that does not require his classic Avengers to survive. There was some question about how the franchise would evolve after Avengers: Endgame, since it meant the farewell to Iron Man and Captain America by Chris Evans. However, the essence and DNA of the latter remained in the MCU thanks to Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stanheads of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In said fiction, it was dropped that we would see a Capitn Amrica 4 with the tandem of actors repeating as main characters, however, nothing is confirmed.

And precisely because there is nothing confirmedSebastian Stan doesn’t know whether to be in Capitn Amrica 4. Or if he knows, he has not wanted to communicate it as such, because you already know how the issue of contracts works in Marvel and the silences that artists must maintain so as not to reveal absolutely nothing about future projects.

“I don’t know, I really don’t know if Bucky will come back. I really hope Anthony Mackie doesn’t have anything to say about it. Because if he does have anything to say, I’m not in Captain America 4. But I love him and I think he’s the best.”

At the moment we do not have any data on Capitn Amrica 4 and having a thousand and one open fronts right now at Marvel Studioswith so many series underway and film projects about to hit theaters that could completely change the conception we have of the UCM (yes, indeed we mean Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness), we may not have news of this fourth installment in the short term.

Unless, as always, there are some other surprises on the way that we don’t know about and that will continue to throw more meat on the grill. It is evident that Sebastian Stan has to come backotherwise Falcon and the Winter Soldier It would not have served much and, in fact, the series would be meaningless.

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