Sebastián Colmena marks the step in the Lanzarote O-Race


The race closes its first edition this Sunday in Caleta de Caballo / c7

The Majoventura rider sets the best time in the premier category on the first day of the event, which passed through the streets of Villa de Teguise.


The Orientation opened another door in the Canary Islands this Saturday with the celebration, in Villa de Teguise, of the first day of the Lanzarote O-Race. About a hundred participants, under the sprint modality, enjoyed a demanding urban circuit through the streets of the town of Conejera in which the ability of the Gran Canaria Sebastián Colmena (Majoventura) to cover all the beacons in the shortest possible time in the queen category -Elite-.

Colmena, with a time of 14 minutes and 56 seconds, was the best in completing the 2.4 kilometer course in its category. He was accompanied on the podium places on the first day of the race by Juan David Durán from Tenerife, who he beat by a narrow margin of time -28 seconds- and his teammate Pedro Alberto Peralta (16:42).

In the School category, with large participation, the Conejero domain stood out: Unai Manchado stopped the clock in 13 minutes and 54 seconds after 1.8 kilometers of travel. A minute away was Himar Barrios -second-, while Ancor Flores (15:00) was third in the opening ceremony of the Lanzarote O-Race. Catalina Hoppe, with a time of 18 minutes and 12 seconds, was the best among the female participants.

The Tenerife José Luis García was the most skilled in touring the circuit in the Veterans category. The athlete from the Trajocade MB Canarias team spent 14 minutes and 13 seconds to set the best time. He was followed, in podium positions, by the Majorero Néstor Manuel Báez (14:56) and the Gran Canaria Antonio González (19:21). In SuperVeteranos, Madrid’s Pedro Corihuela (19:41) beat Jesús García -also from Madrid- and Eduardo Sampedro.

In pairs, the triumph in that category was taken by Ángel Díaz and María del Carmen Fernández. They consumed 19 minutes and 23 seconds on a 2.1 kilometer circuit. Almost two minutes away they were followed in the standings by Beatriz Pablos and Mario González. Airam Carretero and Jamila Arantzamendi completed the podium positions with a time of 22:14.

In the large Family category, with a 1.7 kilometer route, the fastest team was the one formed by Diego Fernández, Fernando Fernán and Sonia Tellado (17:19).

For the second day, the Canarias Orientation machinery will move to Caleta de Caballo. For this stage, of medium distance, which will start at 10.30 am, the participants will have to move in an open and arid area.

Registrations are closed except for the family-promotion category, which can be held until the day of the race in the set arranged by the organization for the distribution of numbers next to the finish line. In addition, before the second day there will be a free introductory workshop in the sport of Orientation-starting at 10 am-.

With the pandemic caused by the coronavirus still present, the organization emphasizes to the participants of the race a series of recommendations such as using the hydroalcoholic gel in the indicated areas, the use of a mask at all times – it can be removed after biting the Start and return to put in the last control before the finish line and the runners who enter the finish area before chopping the Finish without the mask will be disqualified-, respect the safety distances at all times -especially at the starts and finish line- or the use of bubble spaces by coexistence groups.

The Lanzarote O-Race is organized by Orientación Canarias (by Limonium Canarias) and has the Sports Insular Service of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, the Lanzarote Foreign Promotion Society (SPEL) and the Canary Islands Government -through Promotur Turismo de Canarias- as main sponsors.



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