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Believe it or not, you can already order some of the car extras as a monthly subscription, or at least that’s the case with BMW in South Korea. On the ConncetedDrive platform, an option for a monthly subscription for heated seats and steering wheel has appeared in the country. It costs about 15 euros per month, and can be prepaid for a whole year or even three, with some discounts applied.

In an identical way, you can also pay for heating the steering wheel, where the fee is about 9 euros per month or about 90 euros per year. Of course, you can also pay the full amount of around 400 euros and have heated seats when you want. This is not the first case in which a manufacturer uses a similar way to pay for extras, but it is the first known case in which this type of extra is involved. Also found on the platform are monthly subscriptions for Apple CarPlay, fake exhaust sound through the car’s sound system, and more.

Stellantis estimates the company will make about $23 billion a year by the end of this decade just from such subscriptions to its cars. In this way, customers will pay for something that is already installed in their vehicle, but not unlocked by software.

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