Seasonal flu vaccine for 170 pounds in these places .. Take care of yourself

The whole world is now living in a state of fear and anticipation as a result of the increase in the number of new cases of the new Corona virus, Covid 19, in countries of the world, especially European countries, including France, where today it recorded the highest daily rate of infections since the beginning of the new Corona virus Covid 19 pandemic around the world last December with 21 thousand cases In one day, Italy, England and other countries began recording large cases a few days ago.

Here we find many advice about medical professionals on the need to obtain a seasonal flu vaccine to prevent infection in the coming winter season and due to the close proximity between the symptoms of regular flu and the emerging corona virus, Covid 19, and there are medical opinions saying that infection with seasonal influenza is in addition to infection with the emerging corona virus Covid 19 makes your condition more dangerous.

In recent days, many doctors have stressed the need to obtain the vaccine, adding that it is completely safe for adults and children from the age of one year, stressing the need for some groups to obtain this vaccine, including diabetes, stress, chronic diseases, and cancer so that they do not fall under the illusion of infection with a virus. Corona.

Therefore, we must in this report clarify the price of the seasonal influenza vaccine with the places for this vaccine in the Cairo governorate, which we monitor in the following lines:

Seasonal flu vaccine prices

The quadruple influenza vaccine is available at vaccine and vaccine vaccination centers, at a price of 170 pounds, not including the vaccination service itself.

Places providing seasonal influenza vaccine in Cairo Governorate:

Headquarters: 51 Ministry of Agriculture Street, Agouza, and to contact us by phone on 0237611111

Al-Rehab branch: To contact us by phone at 01155666282

Aviation Club: To contact us by phone at 01146668440

– Katameya Sports Club: To contact us by phone at 01145556599

– Al-Zuhoor Club: To contact us by phone at 011212355777

– Maadi Club: To contact us by phone at 01154007720

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