Season 2 of T3 Arena gets a lot of new content

The mobile hero shooter T3 Arena from acclaimed development studio TapTap has entered its second season. A lot has changed for this new season. There are new maps, a new character and custom game modes.

The four new maps are among the most detailed in the game to date. All four maps are linked to a game mode. For example, the Temple Ruins map is associated with Crystal Assault and China Town is associated with the Payload Race.

Yaa is the new character and is an athletics expert. She runs through the levels quickly with a wind-based weapon with ammo. She has two ultimates. In the first, Breezeblast, she transforms into an invincible tornado that sows destruction as it blows through the enemy.

Many game modes have been tweaked Payload Escort, for example, now includes two rounds per pot, with each team defending and attacking. Because the matches are more unpredictable than before, these adjustments add a new strategic layer to the game. Also, a new competitive mode is expected in the future, but that’s not the case right now.

The game is available on iPhone and Android devices.

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