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In the first season, Brent Spinner played two different roles. Star Trek: Picard And Paramount + has confirmed that it is back for the second season. The actor is now talking about what it will be like to meet again on his set. The next generation Fellow actors like Sir Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Freaks.

Spinner: Picard “In Good Hands” with Jonathan Freaks

Thanks To chat John de Lance and Jonathan Frex We know that Brent Spinner has already started filming Picard Season two, including two episodes directed by Frax. And in an interview Addicted to show business, Spinner told them about Frax’s direction at TNG and, most recently, Picard:

Jonathan really learned his stuff; He is an excellent director. I always feel like I’m in good hands when Jonathan conducts. I ended up doing an episode with him and it was great! We have an acronym which of course is great to work with someone close to me. He’s so talented now, it’s not just what I say about my friend; If you ask anyone on set, any member of the crew, any other actor, everyone will be happy to work with Jonathan. Definitely my favorite DNG Director.

Spiner also spoke about the intimacy of the DNG cast, performing the set again. Picard:

We had a special bond. We work 16 hours a day in windowless sets. We might be really crazy. I think it was a good time to do what we wanted to do. We really did. We laugh every day all day. There were thorny moments here and there, but nothing really. This friendship has survived. This is truly a time of transgression; We are as close now as ever; otherwise, not much more. We are still meeting for dinner. I still talk to one or more actors every week ம்போது When that happens, we work together again, which is great.

Brent spinner como Alton Chunga en “Ed in the Arcadia Ego, Part 2”

Our More recent Picard To update In season two, the spinner made it clear that Dr. Alton Inigo will be playing Chung again. Picard. In a new interview, he spoke about his decision to reconsider the role of Data for the first season, after which he said that he would never reprise that role. Star Trek Nemesis:

I was impressed by the fact that I thought they were an amazing team writing the show. In fact, the things I did were beautifully written. Basically, I blinked a bit in the first episode. In the last episode, I thought this amazing scene written by Michael Chapman was amazing, so why? We change our minds from time to time. I want to learn a lesson from Sean Connery, who said “never say no.”

Spinner spoke about his close relationship with his legacy and character as an actor:

I really like data. I am very happy to have played that role. He gave me, and continues to give me, many opportunities and many challenges, but if I had the option, I would like to remember that Brent Spinner. Because that’s who I really am. The data, I know it is difficult to assimilate, is a fictional character. I am a real person, believe it or not. The more time he spent on data, the more time he spent like me. That would be my choice.

Sir Patrick Stewart como Jean-Luc Picard y Brent Spinner en “Ed in the Arcadia Ego, Part 2”

Star Trek: Picard The second season will arrive in 2022.

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