Search for Alien Life, NASA Suggests Using the COLD Standard

JAKARTA – NASA scientists believe humans are not alone and are still looking for other life that exists in outer space. So far, NASA and a number of European countries have poured large amounts of money to search for life Alien .

But NASA admits there is no clear framework for finding this alien life. In a perspective work published in Nature, NASA researchers discuss the need for a methodical approach before alien life is revealed.

“Perhaps the next generation can realistically be the ones who find evidence of extraterrestrial life. With this potential, from now on we have to think about what steps to take,” the scientists wrote in their research. IFL Science, Monday (1/11/2021).

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Scientists suggest a possible scale called Confidence of Life Detection (COLD). It has seven levels, to make sure what we see is life which is undeniable.

Level 1 is the detection of signals that can be biological. The next step is to rule out human or mundane contamination.

The next two levels focus on ensuring it is a biological and not chemical event unrelated to life.

Reaching level 3 requires proving that a biological source can produce a signal and level four requires the exclusion of all non-biological sources in the environment.

Level 5 is reached when additional independent signals from biology are detected. Level 6 is reached when all alternative hypotheses announced after the first detection are excluded. And finally, level 7 is an independent confirmation of more biological behavior.



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