Sean Penn Spotted on Date with Ukrainian Actress Olga Korotyaeva in Malibu Restaurant Amidst Documentary Filming in Ukraine

Hollywood actor Sean Penn went on a date with Ukrainian actress Olga Korotyaeva (born 1977). Together they visited a restaurant in the USA, Malibu, where they were “caught” by the paparazzi, writes the “Daily Mail” newspaper.

The Ukrainian actress wore a silver dress with a plunging neckline, while Penn’s choice was more classic – a suit, shirt and tie.

Journalists have also noticed that after dinner at a Japanese restaurant, the two actors got into Penn’s car, but where they went next is unknown.

By the way, this is the first time that Sean Penn has been seen in public with a woman after his divorce from his wife Leila George, to whom he was married for two years.

It is significant that Sean Penn is currently making a documentary about Ukraine – he plays a sound producer who accidentally becomes a witness to a full-scale invasion. It should be noted that the American actor was actually in Kyiv on the morning of February 24, so he knows firsthand what happened here.

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2023-06-01 16:31:49
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