Seal bitten in tail: owner fined 480 euros | Abroad

480 euros a dog owner has to cough up because his dog attacked a seal and he encouraged and certainly did not prevent it. The facts date from last year, but the fine was recently imposed. It was an employee of the Ostend police who saw on the Klein Strand in Ostend how the man encouraged his dog to approach a seal.

The dog ran loose and eventually bit the seal – which was trying to defend itself – in the tail. The walker made no move to call his dog to order, reports Nieuwsblad.

Resting place

The area around the Western Pier is a well-known resting place for seals. The city council of Ostend therefore put up signs and asks walkers to leave the animals alone and to stay at least twenty meters away from them. “But that man with his dog disrupted the seal’s peace,” said the police. “He was bitten in the tail and was possibly injured. So it was about deliberately and meaningfully disrupting the seal. ”

The Environmental Enforcement Service of the Ostend police reported an official report. The offender was fined 480 euros. “This is a clear signal and can be called a boost for the volunteers of the North Seal Team,” said the police. “They are committed day in and day out to guarantee the peace of the seals. We will also keep an eye out for walkers and other beach visitors who disturb the animals’ rest. ”

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