Sea (NB): A kind of wave of covid increases the year to give a looser monetary policy

Viceguvernr esk nrodn bank (NB) Marek Mora gave an interview for Seznam Zprvy, where he admitted that the current kind of wave of the epidemic Covid-19 Although there is an increase in the fact that it will be necessary to loosen monetary policy, but so far the overall price has been small and it is not an acute problem. Vice Governor Mora changed that the new conditions released the last weakening crownwhich is so beneficial for the economy. In addition, Mora said that due to the previous release of policy changes NB during the bezen-kvten period, he now took the necessary steps. Vice-Governor Mora thus changed that he was led central bank two discussed the use of various non-standard tools, but the previously preferred tool for further releasing monetary conditions was not selected. On the other hand, Mora stated that the Bank Board refused to use some of the tools, such as helicopter money.

J&T BANKA, privtn banka spnch:

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