Sea level rise in Iskenderun and water inundated the streets as a result of the devastating earthquake • Al Marsad Newspaper

Turkish media reported today, Wednesday, that the sea level in the Iskenderun region rose after the earthquake, roads were flooded, and residents and workers were evacuated.

NTV said, “Because of the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes that hit 10 provinces, the sea level rose in Iskenderun in Hatay, and roads and squares in the coastal area were flooded. Buildings and jobs were evacuated due to risks.”

It is worth noting that a 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck, last Monday, southeastern Turkey and parts of Syria.

The death toll from the earthquake so far in both Turkey and Syria has exceeded 10,000 dead and tens of thousands injured, and the earthquake caused a large orbit of homes and infrastructure.

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