Sea Holdings and LINE Announce Complete Merger

Sea Holdings Corporation (ZHD) and LINE Corporation (LINE) The merger announcement of the two companies has been completed in a series of processes. Legal side already

ZHD and LINE, along with their parent companies SoftBank and NAVER, carry out various transactions. In order to confirm the merger of the said business After having reached an agreement to merge In November 2019, continuing with the negotiations on the main contract of the merger As of December 2019 and a memorandum of association of business partners In August 2020

The two companies also have negotiations in various areas related to the businesses operated by the two companies. To achieve a dynamic work after the merger.

At present, the merger of the two companies is complete. The share swap agreement between ZHD and LINE Demerger Preparatory Company dated 31 January 2020 forms part of the agreement in connection with the merger.

The ZHD Group is now one of the largest Internet companies in Japan. It employs over 23,000 people, serves more than 200, serves more than 300 million users, 15 million corporate clients, and over 3,000 joint projects in municipalities.

This merger The ZHD Group has a business scope covering information, payment and communication services. Which are all necessary in daily life The ZHD Group aims to make users “Achieve Even More” through the power of the Internet. And create new values Through solving various social problems Both in Japan and abroad In order to make society more convenient and faster

The ZHD Group will continue to focus on providing Yahoo! LINE’s main business is Internet Search and Web Portal, Advertising, and Messenger. The focus will be on four core business segments: Commerce, Local Vertical, Fintech, and Public Services, with the use of information technology and artificial intelligence in On all 4 aspects to continually provide convenience to users, customers and society

4 main business groups


Buying products, services within social media platforms By linking to the storefront (X Shopping)

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The ZHD Group aims to create a world where people can buy what they want at the best prices. Anywhere and anytime via LINE, new services will be launched, be it gift giving via social media platforms or social gift, group purchase (Team Commerce) that allows users to join groups. Buy products at a lower price. Shopping during Live Commerce (Live Commerce), a platform that connects users with video from influencers.

It will also focus on the service called “X Shopping” (Cross Shopping), a new kind of shopping experience. Linking product information between the online store and the storefront So that users can choose how to buy products The Group also plans to launch the “My Price Initiative” function, which is a dynamic pricing function or flexible pricing. And the company also plans to build a loyalty point program for its customers.

Providing electronic commerce software (E-Commerce) through “Smart Store Project”.

The Group has scheduled a launch plan. “Smart Store Project” (Smart Store Project) in the first half of the year 2021 by using the knowledge of electronic commerce company NAVER, the Group will provide e-commerce software services to consumers. Business through The “Smart Store Project” includes tools for building, operations, website analytics, and more. Including customer service and traffic from referrals. In the future, the Group also plans to provide additional tools that will enable businesses to operate both in the form of a retailer or as a referral traffic. Online and in-store through one screen

Products and services vertical (Local Vertical)

The company will provide software services to help businesses adopt technology through artificial intelligence, such as accommodation and restaurant service. In terms of advertising, the company will provide software services. Marketing in a new way for businesses Through the integration of Yahoo! JAPAN, LINE and PayPay to help businesses have a more effective marketing plan. And to provide users with more benefits that meet their needs

Financial Technology (Fintech)

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The company is preparing to connect to merchants offering PayPay and LINE Pay payment services starting at the end of April this year. LINE Pay Will be able to pay through more than 3 million PayPay merchants across Japan * 1 Active through mode merchant-presented mode (MPM) PayPay and LINE Pay also started negotiations for payments using LINE Pay’s QR Code (QR Code) and Barcode (Barcode) of LINE Pay via PayPay in April 2022.*2

* 1 The number of shops and taxis registered with PayPay as of February 24, 2021.

* 2 In order to link and provide services, the company must meet legal qualifications in order to be permitted to operate the business.

Public services

The company will focus on applying digital technology to serve the public. Disaster prevention, public health And efforts to solve various social problems Through cooperation between the public and private sectors, the company will also provide telemedicine services through “LINE Doctor”, a service from LINE Healthcare Corporation for users in Japan. The provision of such telemedicine services will provide increased convenience and accessibility through improved services. From providing online advice on drug use The company aims to start providing online advice on drug use by the fiscal year of 2021 and pushing “LINE Doctor” to become popular. Number one in Japan

Global investment and business expansion

The ZHD Group aims at creating new values. By using artificial intelligence technology in all forms of services And to achieve the goal of using artificial intelligence technology as the center of business growth. The Group plans to invest more than 500 billion yen by expanding the base and increasing the number of artificial intelligence engineers (AI Engineer) both at home and abroad within 5 years. World-class to develop new services, products and features Combined with the knowledge and experience gained from LINE’s main overseas markets such as Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia, the ZHD Group will be able to develop its services and be able to enhance its global capabilities. Including in Japan itself The company also intends to leverage its knowledge and networks of parent companies such as SoftBank and NAVER.

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In terms of data management, the Company will continue to focus on privacy and information security. It will provide easy-to-understand instructions for users. And operate in accordance with laws and regulations At the same time accepting expert advice and assessments, the company will continue to provide comprehensive and transparent advice after user consent. And will continue to focus on safety by adhering to international standards

Management structure and policy

Under this new management structure * 4, ZHD aims to operate in a coordinated manner. To drive business and service growth The company aims to generate revenues of over 2 trillion yen and achieve a record operating income of more than 225 billion yen by the fiscal year 2023.

* 4 Announcement on Change of Representative Director and Appointment of Director and Officer Management structure

ZHD Company will continue to provide the best possible user experience to users around the world. And aims to use the power of the Internet to solve social problems. “World-Leading AI Tech Company from Japan and Asia) that can deliver experience. The best use from Japan, expanding to users all over Asia.


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