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What a load has been lifted from me by psychologist Wallace E. Dixon Jr., professor at East Tennessee State University and one of the authors of the beautifully titled study Challenge of the link between television exposure in early childhood and later care problems. Relax, fathers of the world: you are not making your creatures idiots by putting them Peppa Pig in loop. The scientists who have just published this work in Psychological Science have not found the slightest causal relationship between soaking up TV and screens and the appearance of learning or concentration disorders. If children stay away later it is due to other reasons, which are never lacking.

The assertion is forceful because it completely refutes a 2004 study that had already been refuted little by little by other psychologists, but it is still cited as a source of authority by those who know how to educate your children better than you. The idea that TV dumbs down is such an ingrained commonplace that it took years of research to disprove it. Says Professor Dixon Jr .: “It is important to be skeptical of devastating findings formulated as ‘something that everyone does hurts our children’. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof ”. Praise Dixon Jr., who insists the 2004 study had biases and holes everywhere.

Nor is it a question now that we let you see Rocío Carrasco while we telework, but it is appreciated that someone, from the academic platform, takes a little iron out of this apocalypse and hush up the pedagogical moralists for a little while. Between a father who does what he can and a jerk who points at him with an archbishop’s finger, you always have to side with the father, and it is good that Mr. Dixon Jr. and his team provide defensive ammunition.

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