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On September 14, during the Apple keynote, it should be the other star of the day alongside the iPhone 13. The Apple Watch Series 7 will make its comeback and it is undoubtedly the product that will. undergo the most revival. Overview of what we know (perhaps) and what we expect from the watch connected to the apple.

A possible rendering of the Apple Watch Series 7

A possible rendering of the Apple Watch Series 7 // Source: Jon Prosser x Rendersbylan

September is here, and with it, the expectations of Apple fans are going to be met. The Californian brand has scheduled a keynote for September 14 at 7 p.m. (Paris time) which should, like every year, roll out the red carpet for new iPhones. But they won’t be the only distinguished guests of the day.

Generally, the iPhones come with the Apple Watch, even if last year, the connected watch had failed them politeness, exceptional circumstances doing so. This time, the Watch Series 7 should be presented simultaneously. And maybe it is from her that some surprises could come. We take a look at the rumors that are already circulating about her.

Design: the renewal for the Apple Watch Series 7

This is where we expect the most upheaval for the first time since the product was introduced in 2015. Apple has decided to align the design of its watch with that of the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro, by opting for straight edges. A blow that can not hurt it and a design that would contrast with the rounded contours to which the watch had accustomed us. The screen would remain square. Some rumors made the brand want to switch to the mini LED like on the latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but it seems unlikely that Apple will abandon its Retina OLED LTPO panel with its mode. always on for a new technology that is slightly more expensive.

On the other hand, the screen should see bigger and gain a millimeter on both templates for the first time since the Apple Watch Series 4, going from 40 and 44mm cases to 41 and 45mm. It is by cutting back on the edges that Apple would have gained this precious millimeter, admittedly thin, but welcome when it comes to displaying more information. And that would not therefore increase the overall size of the watch which could continue to use its entire range of current bracelets.

This new design could also lead to a change in thickness of the watch. And according to everyone’s words, it would be thicker … or thinner. One thing seems certain: it wouldn’t be really noticeable to the user and probably a visual impression due to the new straighter design.

A change is also announced on the side concerning the speaker grille. This would no longer be symbolized by two slits, but would occupy the entire length and would be wider. What to hope for an even more powerful sound, in particular for the followers of the calls taken with the watch.

The reshaped digital crown

This is a point that has hardly changed from the start, being totally or little red for any evolution in six years. The Digital Crown, this small round button positioned on the side and which turns to activate various functions, access the menu, choose a sport or a piece of music. The small rotating wheel could also be the subject of a facelift and be refined.

It is also rumored that it could possibly serve as a Touch ID fingerprint reader to unlock the watch and possibly the iPhone in these times of mask.

Sensors and health monitoring

Capitalizing on the contributions of its predecessors, the Watch Series 7 will most likely (at least) be equipped with cardiac sensors, pulsed oxygen saturation (Sp02 measurement for the level of oxygen in the blood), that is to say the sets of green LEDs and red as well as the four photodiodes found on the latest model. Health monitoring remains one of its major assets with the various activities and support for your iPhone. It is unlikely that it will turn away from its strengths, on the contrary.

New Apple Watch Series 6 sensors

More precise sensors for the Apple Watch Series 6 // Source: Apple

But 2021 should not be the year of the revolution on this side for the Apple Watch. Apple was thought to want to enrich the health capital of its watch. We would probably have to wait until next year to find any trace of a body composition sensor (present on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4), a temperature sensor or a dedicated stress measurement tool. Still, Apple already seems to have all the elements in place to at least launch a body composition measurement system.

On the other hand, according to Bloomberg, there is no way a blood pressure tool will arrive. In any case, not immediately, Apple having indeed filed a patent in this direction in the past. Glucose monitoring using optical sensors was once mentioned, a great support for people with diabetes. However, the technology does not seem ready yet and we would have to wait until 2022, as would the possible measurement of your blood alcohol level which would use infrared light through your skin (same sensor as that of the oxygen level in the blood).

Processor and connectivity

Unsurprisingly, the Apple Watch Series 7 will move upmarket in terms of its processor to present the S7 chip. We obviously expect more power and more endurance. But above all it is the double-sided design of its System in Package which would save space, in particular for improved WiFi and 4G or even 5G antennas.

The U1 chip (Ultra Wideband) which allows a faster connection to compatible Apple products (iPhone, HomePod mini) would be offered in a new version. This will strengthen connectivity, but also facilitate detection with AirTags as the iPhone can already do to find them. Or open your car or hotel room more easily, as Apple promised.

Rising autonomy

The engineers reportedly managed to reduce the size of the S7 chip somewhat to save space in the case for other components. In particular, this could serve to increase the size of the battery, with autonomy still being the Achilles heel for the Apple Watch, although some serious progress has been made in recent times.

The autonomy of the watch could gain, unless it is to compensate for the arrival of new functions that consume a little energy. An always on screen adjustable up to 120 Hz was mentioned. But it seems unlikely that Apple would need such a refresh rate on its small slab, even for certain sports activities that require frequent data refreshes.

The induction charging base should not change, nor should the AC adapter be back in the box …

Possible new colors

In 2020, Apple has evolved its cases by now offering red and blue alongside the more traditional space gray, silver and gold for its aluminum case. The color was however not appropriate for the steel and titanium cases. Disappeared for a few years, the ceramic model could sign its comeback.

Apple Watch Series 6 in blue aluminum

Apple Watch Series 6 in blue // Source: Frandroid

It is not impossible that the color of the year of the iPhone (we are talking about the return of rose gold and / or a bronze gold color) is also offered on the watch. Green has also been whispering for many years and it could look like the one seen on the iPad Air.

watchOS 8 at the helm

Announced in June during WWDC 21, watchOS 8 is in the starting blocks to land on Apple’s smartwatches. The new OS should make its entry with the new watch with its improvements in photo management, the ability to find its devices more easily, a new Music application or even wallpapers with better highlighted portraits.

The Apple Watch Series 6 introduced sleep monitoring which will be enriched by new information on your breathing rate. This year, in particular, we expect the Breathe app dedicated to meditation to reduce the level of stress generated by recent months.

Source : Apple

Source : Apple

For the Apple Watch Series 7, we should find exclusive watch faces, as is often the case with newcomers. They would be much more customizable and rich in information to take advantage of the new screen template. A dial Modular Max is mentioned with the possibility of stacking compilations on the screen in order to have a wider choice. A dial would also display the 24 time zones simultaneously.

New functions like Time to Run (accompanying audio formats for exercises) and Audio Meditations are announced. But they might not be available in France, working in particular with the Apple Fitness + service as training programs.

What about the Apple Watch SE 2?

Released last year in conjunction with the Series 6, the Apple Watch SE targets a different audience that does not necessarily need all the onboard sensors. (only those of the heart sensor like the Watch 5). Devoid of the ECG and the oxygen sensor, but also of the always on screen, it completely took over the “SE” concept: an old design and concessions on functions (Watch 5) with the power of the latest chip .

L’Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE // Source: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

The Watch SE thus made the happiness of those who were looking for the essential functions of a connected watch, the additions of Apple, and especially a compromise on the price with a price lower than 300 euros. If in 2020, it had been whispered, this time, it is rather discreet. Nothing has filtered out on a possible new model. But as this is a “light” watch, it could be announced in parallel, just to offer a more affordable version simply devoid of certain features. Unless Apple does as with the iPhone SE and only endows it with more spaced renewals.

When will the Apple Watch Series 7 be released and at what price?

A whispered time late, the Apple Watch Series 7 would have cropped. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has revised its production so that it arrives quickly in numbers. Usually launched at the same time as the iPhone, so it could be available by the end of September. And its price should not vary much from the Apple Watch Series 6 sold last year from 429 euros.

The Apple Watch SE started at 299 euros and it seems likely that Apple wants to leave one of its products below the 300 euros mark.

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