Scrap metal theft: The phenomenon on the rise

Scrap metal theft: The phenomenon on the rise
The upper part of this guardrail has disappeared, sawn off by the thieves.

Pipe covers, metal signs, gates, protective grilles, metal doors and windows, and others, metal elements of all kinds have been the targets of thieves for years. Currently, cases of theft of metal objects and scrap metal are on the rise, to the great despair of owners. Construction sites owned by individuals are among the most targeted. After the completion of the structural works and the roof, the owners hasten to “close” the construction by installing doors and windows in order to protect future installations: plumbing, electrical equipment, sanitary facilities and others. But it is precisely these doors and windows as well as the newly installed protective grilles that arouse the interest of thieves. These operate both in broad daylight and at night, particularly when the site is poorly protected or in the absence of night guards.

A few years ago, on the RN7, the metal nozzles vanished, causing the bitumen to subside. Recently, a few meters of the guardrail of a structure on the newly rehabilitated RN44 were stolen. Generally, these stolen metal elements are resold by the kilo. Buyers and receivers are rarely apprehended.

Hanitra R.

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