Scotty Pippen Jr. shines with the Lakers in the NBA Summer League

Scotty Pippen Jr. has had games in the NBA Summer League with the angels lakers and on Sunday he shone in his team’s victory with a score of 100-77 against the Golden State Warriors.

The son of Scottie Pippen stood out with 15 points, eight assists and three steals for the Lakers they got the victory in the NBA Summer League, which is for young players looking for a spot on the roster for the following season.

Scottie Pippen He did not miss this great moment to see his son, so he attended the game.

Pippen Jr., for the dream of playing in the NBA

Pipen Jr. 21 years old and 1.91 meters tall received a two-way contract to play with Los Angeles Lakers on the NBA and also be active with the South Bay Lakers on the G League.

Despite posting an average of 20.4 points and 4.5 assists per game, Scotty Pipen Jr. has not convinced the teams in the draft of the NBA due to his short stature and athleticism that scouts have questioned.

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Also they Lakers signed the son of Shaquille O’Neal, well Shareef O’Neal 22 years old and 2.11 meters will dispute the NBA Summer Leaguewhere he will seek to convince scouts to stay with the team.

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