Scotland erupted: Boris, get out! – World – Standard News

Hundreds of Scottish independence activists have staged a march in Glasgow calling on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign following revelations about Downing Street rallies during a lockdown.

The initiative is of the “All under one flag” movement and is completely spontaneous, without prior organization. His activists described the event as an “emergency march” and said Boris Johnson should leave office “because he was partying while others were dying”.

They called for Scottish independence.

Television footage showed participants in the march chanting “Boris, get out!”, BNR reports.

A preliminary statement said that “millions of people are furious that this Tory government in Westminster continues to fill the pockets of its rich and powerful friends, while others face rising living costs and a complete disregard for national health care, pesos and public services’.

“It is time to take to the streets and ask Johnson to leave, as well as to step up our struggle for independence, which will end the Conservative rule in Scotland once and for all,” the statement said.

Support for Scottish independence has risen again in recent weeks following the Downing Street scandals.


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