Scooter passenger dies after being injured in car accident: Nattu Visesham

The scooter passenger dies after being injured in a car accident

Sunday, September 25, 2022 01:35 AM IST

Alagappanagar: Injured in a car accident and being treated The scooter passenger died. Jose (Ousef-69), a stonemason from the salesman Cheruvathur, has died. On the 12th last he traveled near the Union stop with a scooter, the ticking. Jose, who was injured in the accident, is being treated in the Thrissur private hospital

Yesterday morning he was transferred to Thrissur Medical College but died in the afternoon. Wife: The late Sheila. Children: Genzi, Shenzi, Giuseppe. Grandson: Antonio. Funeral today at 3.30 pm in the church of Santa Maria, Wendor.

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