Scola’s word as CEO: “We must look to the NBA as an example”

Luis Scola was introduced on Wednesday as the new executive director of Varese and left a long reflection on the microphones about current basketball.

“I want to learn every day in this new role. I did it as a player and now I can do it as a manager. I am motivated to start this project, in a team full of history. We have all the credentials to do it well and I am sure that so it will be “, explained the ex-player.

In addition, the former captain analyzed that “a serious project cannot be less than five years old” and declared that his objective is “to change things in the medium term.”

The example he set is clear: “We must all look to the NBA as an example to bring here (Italy) to innovate the system. They are more advanced and have a larger budget, but in Italy we can still do well if we follow the example of some of their things. “

Finally, the manager described the issue a little more: “In my opinion, there are three things that are fundamental to copy in the NBA: one is marketing, however it is a bit difficult because here it is reduced, the analysis of the data evaluation (sports analysis) of all things and then player development, which in the NBA is totally more advanced than ours. These are the three most important areas to copy. “



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