Scientists reveal when an asteroid the size of the largest tower in Europe collided with Earth

It appears that the planet Earth is on a date with a collision with one of the large asteroids, and many scientists have indicated that it is supposed to enter this asteroid, which is larger than the “Ostankino” tower and is the highest structure in Europe within Earth’s orbit, and it will come at the end of this week.

Planet Earth is on a date with a collision with a huge asteroid the size of the largest tower in Europe

The Near-Earth Objects Studies Center of the Naya Agency confirmed that the giant space rocks are the ones that are supposed to approach the Earth during the coming period, and this is after what was published by the British newspaper The Daily Star, one of its latest news.

They also found that the asteroid “Aton” is supposed to hit the Earth and this is because of its tendency to act intermittently, and this asteroid is called Nu 13 2015 and will also fly above the planet, and the asteroid is expected to surpass Earth at a speed of 15.08 kilometers per second. One, 33,732 miles per hour.

NASA confirms that the rock is between 310 m and 680 m in width and is larger than many skyscrapers on the planet, and as for this perspective, the asteroid is larger than the Ostankino Tower in Moscow in particular, Russia, and it is considered the tallest building in Europe since it was established. In 1967, it reached a height of 540 meters at the top of the tower.

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