Scientists implant human brain cells in tiny mice and it works


Scientists successfully implant and integrate human brain cells to mice. The findings are aimed at further study of various human diseases (especially for psychiatric disorders) such as schizophrenia and autism.

What the scientists did was assemble tiny pieces of human brain tissue made of stem cells into a petri dish. They did the assembly with a dozen parts of the brain.

Quote from WIONSergiu Pasca, who led the research and professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University, explained why these implants were performed on newborn mice. In his opinion, animal brain it will stop developing at a certain age, so it is quite difficult to ensure that brain cells are integrated in adult mice.

“By transplanting at a young age, you discover that these organoids (a collection of human brain cells) can grow relatively large. They become vascular from mice and can cover about a third of the hemispheres (brains) of mice,” Pasca said.

The researchers then tested using blue light. In summary, this technique has been found to indicate that organoids developed by patients with Timothy syndrome grow slower and exhibit less electrical activity than those of healthy individuals.

Tara Spiers-Jones, a professor at the University of Edinburgh’s UK Dementia Research Institute, said the research has the potential to advance what we know about human brain development and neurodevelopmental disorders. However, she noted that human neurons do not replicate all the essential characteristics of the developing human brain.

Spiers-Jones, who was not involved in the study, also raises ethical questions. Questions include whether these mice will have more human-like thoughts and consciousness. However, Pasca pointed out that based on careful observation of the mice, she studiesBrain implants have not been shown to significantly alter them or cause pain.

“There was no change in the behavior of the mice or the well-being of the mice … no addition of function,” he said.

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