Scientists have proven that time can move into the past in quantum devices

The time rollback will improve the capabilities of thermal installations or refrigerators – if you manage to cope with entropy.

An international group of physicists has found that time in quantum systems can flow both forward and backward. The research results are described in the journal Communications Physics.

According to scientific theory, in a state of superposition in quantum systems, time can move simultaneously in opposite directions, including reversing. Scientists from Bristol (UK), Vienna (Austria) and the Balearic Islands partially proved it in a recent experiment. The discovery will force us to reconsider modern ideas about time and may give impetus to the development of quantum mechanics and the creation of new household appliances.

To measure time, the team tracked entropy – the tendency of closed systems from being orderly to being more disorderly. If the process causes a large amount of entropy, then returning to the previous state becomes almost impossible, but if it is small enough, the system can roll back in time in a natural way.

“As an example, we can take the sequence of things we do in the morning. Gently squeezing the tube so that only a small portion of the toothpaste comes out, it would not be so surprising to see it fall back into the tube due to decompression, “explained Dr. Julia Rubino of the University of Bristol’s Quantum Engineering Technology Laboratory.

Scientists explain the change in the sequence of events using the example of toothpaste squeezed out of a tube.


In quantum mechanics, one of the fundamental phenomena is quantum superposition, in which systems can be simultaneously in two different states. As it turned out, in this state they can evolve simultaneously in both time directions. However, most often time moves only forward or backward, depending on the most probable process.

In their work, scientists emphasize that the uncertainty of time in quantum systems can be applied to thermodynamics. So superposition with low entropy can significantly improve the performance of refrigerators or heaters.

“While this idea seems rather meaningless when applied to our everyday experience, at the most fundamental level, the laws of the universe are based on quantum mechanical principles. The question arises why we never encounter these superpositions of time streams in nature,” said Julia Rubino.

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Most often, time only moves forward or backward, depending on the most likely process.


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