Scientists have figured out how to suppress autism symptoms in children under three


Doctors in most cases determine the signs of autism by age four

For two years, doctors have worked with hundreds of babies who have seen early signs of autism.

Experts from the University of Western Australia conducted a study, according to the results of which they stated that most of the symptoms of autism can be suppressed in the first three years of life, if they are noticed in time and the necessary therapy is applied. Scientists’ work on Monday, September 20, published JAMA Pediatrics magazine.

The authors recalled that the number of children with autism is increasing by 13% every year. According to the World Health Organization, autism spectrum disorders occur in about one in 160 children. At the same time, universal methods of treatment have not yet been created.

So, in their study, doctors for two years worked with a hundred infants who had early signs of autism.

The children were divided into two groups: the first was given courses on behavior correction and intellectual development, and the second, from time to time, underwent various tests aimed at assessing the severity of autism spectrum disorders.

Based on the results of the observation, the scientists concluded that simple correction courses almost tenfold reduced the likelihood that the child would be officially recognized as autistic by the third year of life. These measures have significantly improved test scores for relevant disorders, as well as beneficially influenced the propensity of children to interact with parents and others.

Note that often doctors can diagnose autism before the age of two, but in most cases, the signs of the disorder are determined only by the age of four or later.

Formerly American scientists suggested using a standard hearing test for newborns to diagnose autism from birth.

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