Scientists Discover Largest Meteorite Impact in Modern History in China

It was in this area that researchers found a huge meteorite crater aged 49,000 years. Scientists suggest that there was the most powerful asteroid impact in the history of modern mankind.

Writes about it «UaPortal».

According to the preliminary version, the celestial body that fell in China moved very quickly and fell vertically, causing an explosion 500-2000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. As it hit the earth’s surface, the asteroid unleashed powerful shockwaves and a lethal rise in temperature, turning granite to glass and destroying everything within a radius of tens of kilometers.

As a result, a funnel with a depth of 579 meters was formed. It is worth noting that toThe rater was discovered 20 years ago thanks to satellite images, but it began to be studied in 2019.

“Yilan is the deepest crater we have ever seen,” said Professor Chen.

Previously, “Cursor” wrote that astronomers have discovered more than 20 mysterious radio signals from space. As a result of a new observation of space using the CHIME radio telescope, scientists from the University of Toronto (Canada) were able to detect 25 new repetitive fast radio bursts (FBRs).

We also reported that scientists have found out how space affects the human body. So, it is known that in the coming decades the first landing of astronauts on Mars is planned. For this reason, scientists decided to find out what can happen to the human body during a long space journey.

2023-06-10 13:25:52
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