Scientists discover a mysterious solar system, 90 light-years away, 10 billion years old

KIDS AREA – We know that space is full of mysteries. Astronomers have recently discovered an ancient solar system very different from ours.

Up to 90 light-years away, researchers have discovered a white dwarf that is more than 10 billion years old.

This means that the hot core left over from this dead star looks like Sunwhich is surrounded by fragments of the shattered planet around it, called planetesimals.

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This dying star has been extracting debris from these objects. But this solar system is not like ours. This is full of such items lithium And potassium

None of the planets in our solar system has such a composition.

Because it is the ancient solar system in the galaxy Milky Way start differently? What is it like to get rich from these materials?

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“It’s still a complete mystery,” said Abbigail Elms, a doctoral student at University of Warwick who has studied the white dwarf, he told Mashable.

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