Scientists announced the discovery of the fifth force of nature | The science

American scientists have stated that they may have found a fifth force in nature, which is associated with subatomic particles “muons”.

As writes BBC, there are four fundamental forces in the universe: electromagnetic, gravitational, strong and weak. But an international team of physicists, during research in the framework of the Muon g-2 experiment in the laboratory in Batavia, USA, announced a possible new fifth force of nature.

The British Council for Scientific and Technological Equipment noted that the results of the experiments provide strong evidence for the existence of a hitherto unknown subatomic particle or “new force”. However, scientists cannot give an unambiguous statement.

It is noted that there is one chance in 40 thousand that this discovery is a statistical error. Let us clarify that now the so-called statistical level of significance (or confidence) is 4.1 sigma. And in order for the discovery to be recognized by science, this level must be 5 sigma, that is, the error should not exceed one chance in 3.5 million.

“We found that the interaction of muons does not agree with the Standard Model. It is clear that we are all delighted, because this opens up a future with new laws of physics, new particles and new, hitherto unseen forces,” – the story of the head of the experiment from the British side, Professor Mark Lancaster …

As reported OBOZREVATEL, scientists found a new reason for the emergence of life on the ground.

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