Scientist: There are alien planets in the belly of the earth – An alien planet could be “hidden in the center of the Earth,” according to a recent study by scientists.

Scientists think that an evil planet called Theia, which may have collided with Earth 4.5 billion years ago, could have left pieces of itself in the bowels of our planet Earth.

According to The Daily Star, Wednesday April 7, 2021, some scientists thought the same impact in space formed the Moon, but now they have studied specific traces of the impact buried deep in the bowels of the Earth.

Qian Yuan, a geologist at Arizona State University in the United States, argues that the mysterious solid spot in the bowels of our planet is a specific part of the planet Theia that is still intact on Earth.

In a paper presented at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Yuan and his team explain: “Here, we show that Theia’s shell may be several percent intrinsically denser than Earth’s crust, which allows Theia’s skin to sink into the very bottom of Earth’s crust and accumulate to become thermochemical piles that can lead to seismic (solid area) observations. “

Yuan then said: “This crazy idea is at least possible.”

Scientists identified specific parts of the Earth’s interior where pieces of Theia could still nest.

The theory that Theia collided with Earth is known as the giant collision hypothesis.

It is said that the planet Theia collided with the early Earth about 4.5 billion years ago. Scientists who subscribe to this theory explain the existence of the Moon and why our planet’s core is larger than expected for the size of the Moon.

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Scientists believe that the solid material Theia could have remained intact for billions of years as a function of the workings of the earth’s crust.

These materials are so dense that they sink and never drift back into the convection zone.

An area “the size of a continent” is a large part of Earth’s interior, and understanding how they form and how they survive can help drive the advancement of Earth science.

The two large sections lie beneath West Africa and the Pacific Ocean and are hundreds of miles thick. (eha)

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