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Japanese scientists have named the unexpected consequences of the postponed coronavirus. Reported by RIA Novosti citing the work of researchers from the National Center for Global Health and Medicine.

According to experts, a few months after infection with the virus, a quarter of patients who have recovered from the disease begin to complain of hair loss. Among those who were in medical institutions with a diagnosis of coronavirus infection, after discharge, symptoms such as shortness of breath (11 percent of patients), weakness (10 percent), and impaired sense of smell (10 percent) were also observed. Some patients after recovery complained of coughing and impaired taste.

The researchers note that similar symptoms have been reported in those with Ebola or dengue fever. Nevertheless, scientists admit that these consequences of the disease may be associated with the psychological experiences of patients.

Formerly scholars from University College London and the Royal National Committee named a new symptom of the coronavirus. According to them, changes in hearing may indicate infection. As the experts found out, some of the patients who were diagnosed with the coronavirus had previously complained of tinnitus – ringing or tinnitus.

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