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Men who have had a coronavirus infection may face reproductive dysfunction. This conclusion was reached by a group of scientists from the Israeli Sheba Medical Center, writes The Jerusalem Post.

When screened, particles of the virus were found in the semen of 13 percent of male patients with COVID-19 who participated in the study. Experts noticed that even with a mild form of the disease, the number and mobility of sperm decreased by 50 percent in those who fell ill. This new negative consequence may persist up to 30 days after diagnosis.

In the course of pathological studies with the participation of 12 infected, scientists have identified changes in the cells of the testicles, which are responsible for the development of sperm, as well as the production of the hormone testosterone, which provokes their division and reproduction. Study leader Dan Aderka explained that the coronavirus interacts with ACE2 receptors. In his opinion, it is because of this that the virus can destroy the cells of the testicles, causing infertility. At the same time, Aderka noted that it is not yet clear whether this process is reversible. In order to find out, it is necessary to continue observations.

Previously, Elena Uvarova, chief specialist-gynecologist of pediatric and adolescent age of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation toldthat men who have had coronavirus infection have a 38 percent decrease in sperm quality.

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