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Led by Glen Schofield, the co-producer of ‘Different Dimensions’, the 3A horror action survival game ‘The Callisto Protocol’ (The Callisto Protocol; Callisto Protocol) created by Striking Distance Studio was officially launched today (2) , although it was highly anticipated by the players in advance, but it was reflected in the Steam comments on the first day of release, which was a disgraceful “mostly negative” state.

The “Calisto Accord” is set on Callisto, known as the “Moon of Death” in 2320. The protagonist Jacob Lee had an accident during a transport job, causing the transport ship to crash on Callisto, and was imprisoned together with the terrorists. at the local Dark Iron Prison. However, soon after he woke up, a mysterious bloody riot broke out throughout the prison, and monsters that looked human but not human began to run rampant, and he had to find a way to escape.

“The Callisto Protocol” was highly anticipated by the overseas community with its excellent horror atmosphere and terrifying monster design. However, after the actual game launch, there were bad reviews from most players on the Steam platform , and most of them complained. Gamers have severe stuttering and dropped frames issues with PC performance optimization.

This issue doesn’t just happen to players of the PC version, according toDiscussion abroadeven the PS5 version of “Calisto Protocol” sometimes suffers from freezes and the game requires players to catch the right timing to attack and defend, so if they find themselves in a frozen state, they will often be severely defeated by enemy experience.


So far, the Striking Distance studio hasn’t come forward to answer the fix for the optimization issue, so many gamers on the Steam or Reddit discussion forums are sharing how to adjust the relevant settings to make the game run smoother.

Although there are obvious problems with the optimization of the game, the players who started playing the game still affirmed the design of the horror atmosphere created by this game. At the same time, due to the screen performance being too gory, the release of the version physics of The “Calisto Protocol” has been temporarily postponed in Japan, due to an age re-evaluation.

The 3A horror action survival game “The Callisto Protocol” (The Callisto Protocol) was officially released today (2). PS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox One、PC Steam.

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