Schwarzwasser-Arena – Despite the tight budget, Köniz wants a new ice rink

The Köniz municipal council wants to buy land for the new ice rink. He should get away with it in parliament – only a few voices from the SP warn of follow-up costs.

The new ice rink will one day be on the Bodenacker, where Zbinden Transport AG operates a location today.

Photo: Raphael Moser

When the S-Bahn Direction Schwarzenburg stops at the Schwarzwasserbrücke, you can hear the hockey players’ pucks pounding on the boards in winter. The ice rink is right behind the train station, between the nature reserve in the Schwarzwassergraben and a truck company in the middle of the agricultural zone. In just under three years the picture could be different.

If the dream of the Schwarzwasser-Arena project group comes true, the transport company will be replaced by a modern wooden building with a solar system and an ice rink in which the players will play for seven months instead of four months now work out. There is also an open ice rink for the general public and the schools. The new building should meet ecological standards and relieve the nearby nature reserve. To ensure that, nature became– and countryschaftssprotection organizations are already included in the planning, as project manager Jean-Pierre Boillat says.

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