Business Schwarzmüller lands large order

Schwarzmüller lands large order


Schwarzmüller and Gartner: The two family companies with more than 100 years of tradition already have a long partnership. © Schwarzmüller group

The domestic vehicle manufacturer Schwarzmüller with headquarters in Freinberg in the Schärding district can report a great success in the middle of the Corona crisis.

The company was able to land a large order for the delivery of 120 lightweight type 1 long saddles. The client also comes from Upper Austria: the vehicles were ordered by Gartner KG from Lambach. The order is worth four million euros.

Biggest order in this segment in Europe

Schwarzmüller boss Roland Hartwig was enthusiastic about the conclusion of the deal: “It is the largest order that has ever been placed in this segment in Europe,” he rejoiced.

Gartner expects savings

With Gartner KG, one of the largest transport companies in Europe could be won as a client, with Lambachern, for the first time, a specialist in transport management uses the long-truck version of this variant already approved in Germany. “The lightweight construction from Schwarzmüller is unique and offers us real advantages. So we save more than 10 percent fuel

per truck and also reduce CO2 emissions by the same amount, ”emphasized Richard Gartner, managing partner of Gartner KG, when the first vehicles were handed over. The entire delivery should be completed by the end of August. Both companies want to continue working together. “We share the claim to offer top performance and live handshake quality”, Hartwig relies on the oö. Cooperation.


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