Schubert reveals the truth about Moamen Zakaria’s travel with Al-Ahly in the Club World Cup

The journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed the possibility of Moamen Zakaria, the star of Al-Ahly club, traveling with the red genie to the FIFA Club World Cup in Qatar, and Schubert said in his radio program on On Sport FM, “Al-Ahly will surprise everyone. If the health condition of Zakaria is allowed to travel to Qatar, Al-Ahly will take him there to appear in the World Cup.” The world, for whom the Red Genie is traveling in a private plane headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib and accompanied by 23 players.

“Al-Ahly will be forced to exclude important players from the list, and there are names reported in this regard, headed by Nigerian Junior Ajay,” Schubert added.

Earlier, the believer Zakaria gave happy Bushra to the masses of Egyptian football through his Twitter account, and wrote, “Praise be to God, then praise be to God, then praise be to God for His countless blessings .. Oh Lord, praise and thanks .. I bring you good tidings soon I will be with you.”

Moamen Zakaria suffered from a rare disease that doctors classified as muscle atrophy, and the talented boy was in his prime, so that the injury affected his movement and the way he spoke, and of course the chances of him returning to the green rectangle, but all this did not prevent his wife, Reham, from continuing to steadfastly support her husband in The darkest moments of his life and remains his crutch on which he leans.

The scene of the audience’s greeting of the player Moamen Zakaria while attending one of the plays stopped many of the “El Harraq” audience after his wife entered into a crying fit after her husband stood on the stage, amid applause and welcome The audienceWhich made the pioneers of social networking sites flirt about the love story that brought them together.

On the night Al-Ahly crowned the league shield, which was called the believer Zakaria in appreciation of him, Reham refused to let her husband lean on someone else, and insisted that his crutch be so that he would go down to the stadium with great difficulty and share with his colleagues the joy of winning the league.

Reham deservedly deserves the title of the daughter of the assets, for she is the support for a believer inside and outside the stadium, and even became a symbol of the strength of the Egyptian woman, her stubbornness, and her devotion to her partner after she supported her husband after the candles went out and the lights disappeared. He experienced the cruelty and torment of life, and his heart was bleeding with sorrow and pain

And when she commented on the people praising her stance with her husband, she said: “Whatever is by his work is normal, that is, the wife of my place will do this .. This is my beloved and my Lord will heal him and save him for me.”


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