Schools in Cologne-Mülheim could benefit from educational campuses

Mülheim –

An educational campus is to be built around the Mülheim city garden based on the model of the old town north educational landscape: three secondary schools, the Hölderlin grammar school, the Trude-Herr comprehensive school and kindergartens should be able to use rooms and areas together. The Mülheim district council commissioned the city, unanimously at the request of the SPD, CDU and FDP, to develop a concept for implementation.

In addition, the city should examine which parts of the Hölderlin-Gymnasium can also be built in the course of the new building of the school at the old location on the area of ​​the sports hall and the parking lot at Bergischer Ring.

The idea arose after it became known at the end of 2020 that the Hölderlin grammar school would have to be replaced by a new building. On the previous property on Graf-Adolf-Strasse, however, there is not enough space to build a building that meets today’s requirements for a modern educational institution. The grammar school should have been divided into two parts. The school community protested against this.

Plan by Norbert Fuchs and SPD members of the state parliament

District mayor Norbert Fuchs and the two SPD members of the state parliament Jochen Ott and Martin Börschel then brought the idea of ​​an educational landscape into play. In their application, the parliamentary groups involved also demand that the administration, together with the participating educational institutions from schools, youth welfare and sports clubs, examine synergy effects from the joint use of specialist, sports or common rooms as part of an ideas conference.

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In addition, the city is commissioned to help prepare the necessary changes to the building law for the realization of the project. In addition, it is important to gain further support options.

Feasibility study in the Cologne City Council

Sabine Ulke (Greens) asked why the SPD had also made this application in the school committee of the council and then withdrew it. The reason for this is probably that a feasibility study is already in progress: “So the question arises whether it makes sense to check further or whether one should wait for the feasibility study.”

Alexander Lünenbach (SPD), on the other hand, emphasized that a clear decision was important for Mülheim. So he would ask for a vote. Winfried Seldschopf (Greens) agreed. But he wondered whether it would make sense to burden the administration with an additional application.

He feared that things that had long been decided could be slowed down in this context. District Mayor Norbert Fuchs assured that there would be no delay: “After all, the administration has been working on the planning for a long time.”

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