Schools, concerts, shopping centers: Saxony is working on new corona rules

Because of holidays! Saxony’s government is currently working feverishly on the corona rules, which will determine public life from September.

Dresden – Because of holidays! Works feverishly Saxony Government currently at the Corona rulesthat will determine public life from September. It is already clear: no mask requirement in schools, as well as fines for mask refusers.

Must weigh carefully: Minister Petra Köpping (62, SPD). © xcitePRESS / Essler

30 cases, 40 cases, 50 cases … Within a week, the number of new infections in the district of Görlitz skyrocketed again – starting from zero!

Homes for the disabled in Löbau and Bernstadt-Kemnitz are affected, almost 100 people are in quarantine. Two are in the hospital.

District Administrator Bernd Lange (64, CDU) is already starting another call for helpers. We are looking for nurses and carers.

The regional case study shows mercilessly: Nothing is over. For example, the Ministry of Health under Petra Köpping (62, SPD) is eagerly awaiting reports from Saxony’s airports this Monday.

Because mandatory tests for returnees from risk areas have also been in place there since Saturday, a further double-digit increase is expected for Saxony.

After all, Germany classified Bulgaria and Romania as risk areas at the weekend. And Dresden and Leipzig have been connected to Burgas again by air line since July …

Köpping’s house is also considering whether concerts with more than a thousand visitors will really be possible from September 1st. While the Ministry of Consumer Protection is racking its brains over the lifting of the mask requirement when shopping.

The Ministry of Transport has it even more difficult: The mask requirement in local public transport should not fall. But, for example, the Dresden transport company has just pointed out that they can only ask their passengers to comply.

It gets really complicated at schools. The Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs has so far stuck to the fact that lessons are free of masks from August 31, but wants to instruct that a mask be taken with you so that each school can decide for itself whether, for example, mouth and nose protection must be worn in the playground.

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