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School teacher accused of beating a student in Zhezkazgan

news-id-116904" style="display:inline;">A resident of Zhezkazgan accused a school teacher of beating her son. After the injury, she said, the child developed hydrocephalus, Tengrinews.kz correspondent reports.

The son of a Karaganda woman studies in the ninth grade at one of the schools in Zhezkazgan. On October 16, the student’s mother learned that the geography teacher had beaten her son. As a result of the injury, the teenager developed constant headaches and hydrocephalus, his mother claims.

“I was driving home from work, my son called and asked me to come quickly. He said that he felt strange. By the time I got there, he started to become hysterical, he was shaking. At home he repeated that he didn’t remember anything the whole day, he was very scared, he had there was vomiting. Then they called his classmate, who said that his son had a conflict with the geography teacher. We realized that the teacher hit his son on the head,” said the student’s mother.

That same evening, when the son came to his senses a little, the parent tried to find out the details of the conflict. But the son claimed that he did not remember anything. At the same time he complained of a headache. The parents called an ambulance, and the student was taken to the Zhezkazgan multidisciplinary hospital.

“During the examination, the doctor from the neurosurgery department said that my son had a concussion and needed to be hospitalized. He said that long-term treatment would be needed, but on the third day the son was discharged. They said that there was no concussion and he was healthy. In Astana, we underwent a complete “an examination that showed that our son has post-traumatic hydrocephalus. We were prescribed treatment and advised to avoid stressful situations and physical activity. Now we must be monitored every three months,” says the teenager’s mother.

After the incident, according to the mother, the teenager experienced frequent headaches. He gets tired and irritated quickly. The student’s mother is sure that the painful condition is directly related to the blow inflicted by the geography teacher.

“During all this time, the teacher never came to us, did not find out about our son’s well-being, did not ask for forgiveness. At the same time, he calmly works at school. We also have complaints about the work of the police. For some reason, forensic experts did not receive our certificates from the capital’s doctors. As a result, the examination was carried out only on the basis of the conclusion of Zhezkazgan doctors, it did not establish any physical injuries on the son. Instead of a criminal case, administrative proceedings were opened. I hired a lawyer, and we have already written a complaint against the actions of Zhezkazgan doctors, police and education workers, and also to the Commissioner for Children’s Rights,” added the student’s mother.

The education department of the Ulytau region commented on the complaint, noting that an internal investigation had been carried out at the said school. The geography teacher was reprimanded. The decision on his further work was made after the completion of the trial.

“The teacher was suspended from work for a month, but on November 13, at the request of the 11th grade students and due to operational needs, he returned to his duties. He does not teach ninth graders, another teacher teaches geography. Currently, a trial is being carried out on this fact investigation,” the press service of the education department reported.

The Ulytau regional health department confirmed that the teenager was admitted to the Zhezkazgan multidisciplinary hospital.

“Diagnoses: superficial trauma of the scalp, astheno-neurotic syndrome, received from a blow, push, kick, twisting, bite or scratch by another person. The patient was observed for three days in the hospital, during this period there was evidence of a closed craniocerebral injury, a concussion no brain was detected. Treatment was carried out according to the protocol,” the department noted.

The press service of the Ulytau Regional Police Department emphasized that the forensic medical examination did not reveal any bodily injuries on the victim. Therefore, administrative proceedings were initiated under Part 1 of Article 73-2 “Battering or committing other violent acts that caused physical pain, but did not cause minor harm to health” of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The case materials have been sent to court.

In this case, the court ordered a repeat forensic medical examination, which should clarify whether harm was caused to the child’s health.

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