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School staff in Tennessee are now allowed to carry weapons

United States

Teachers, principals and other staff members of schools in the American state of Tennessee are now allowed to carry a weapon at work. The local House of Representatives determined this on Tuesday.

The measure was passed with 68 votes in favor and 28 votes against. Politically, the Republican Party has the power in Tennessee.

In Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, three students and three teachers were shot dead at a school in March 2023. Since then, there has been a lot of discussion about gun laws in the state. Demonstrations against the measure have been taking place in recent days, some of which were organized by members of the Democratic party.

Supporters of the law believe armed teachers will deter potential school shooters. Opponents think that guns at school will only lead to more shootings.

Under the new law, the weapons may not be carried openly at school, but must be out of sight, for example in a holster under the armpit or hidden under a shirt or pants. Teachers who want to take their weapons to school must also complete a mandatory training of forty hours. They have to pay for this training themselves.

Of the fifty states in the US, sixteen now specifically prohibit educational staff from carrying weapons at school, including Alabama, New York and California.

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