School shooting in Texas – 11-year-old played dead

When 18-year-old Salvador Ramos allegedly went to a primary school in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday and started shooting around him, an eleven-year-old girl is said to have played dead to save her own life.

It tells the family of the young girl.

11-year-old Miah Cerillos is in fourth grade at Robb Elementary School. Her teacher was Irma Garcia, one of the two teachers who was killed along with 19 students.

– Took blood from my girlfriend

The girl’s aunt, Blanca Rivera, has for the TV channel NBC 5 opened up about the girl’s fateful minutes in the classroom together with the now deceased perpetrator.

Miah will, naturally enough, struggle to cope with the incident and tell about what she witnessed during the shooting.

Rivera retells to the TV channel what the mother of the eleven-year-old tells.

– Around midnight she (her mother journ.anm.) Called me and just cried. I think everything became reality then, the aunt must have told.

The eleven-year-old girl is said to have gone into total survival mode when students and teachers around her were shot.

USA: On Tuesday, May 24, Salvador Ramos entered a primary school in Uvalde, Texas. Video: Reuters / Facebook / Twitter.
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– Miah took some blood and put it on herself so she could pretend she was dead, Rivera says, according to the TV channel.

According to her aunt, Miah must have seen her classmate covered in blood, and taken some of it on herself.

She herself is said to have been injured and transported to hospital after the incident with bullet fragments in her back, but has subsequently been discharged from the hospital.

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– Now we just have to pray to god and ask him to help us move forward through this situation, I know it is traumatic as it is, the aunt must have finished.

PROTESTED: A man walked up to the podium when Texas Gov. Greg Abbott held a press conference after the school shooting at Robb Elementary School.
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Leaves four children

19 students and two teachers have been confirmed dead after the mass shooting in Texas. It thus became the deadliest school shooting in the United States in 10 years.

Another 17 people were injured.

Prior to the incident, the suspected perpetrator allegedly shot his grandmother and crashed the car, before entering the primary school armed with a rifle and a handgun.

The family of the slain teacher Irma Garcia later honored her as a hero.

Two days later, the family came up with a new heartbreaking update.

Her husband, Joe Garcia, died as a result of a heart attack.

The two were to celebrate a silver wedding after 25 years as a married couple later this year, leaving four children.

– I really can not describe how we feel now. Please pray for our family. God help us, because this is not easy, wrote her nephew John Martinez on Twitter.

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