School: in Milan two high schools occupied against Dad – Lombardy

Students enter classical Tito Livio and scientific Severi


The high school children of the ‘yellow and orange’ Regions will return to school on Monday 18 January at least 50% of the attendance: this is what is expected the new Dpcm signed by Prime Minister Conte. In the ‘red’ regions children will stay at home from the second grade to follow distance learning. This is subject to regional ordinances.

In Milan, students continue their protest against distance learning. After the Manzoni busy on Tuesday, this morning some dozen students who are part of the student collectives have occupied two high schools, the classic Tito Livio and the scientific Severi-Correnti, to ask to return to school in person as soon as possible.

At the Tito Livio high school, in the historic center of the city, about thirty students have occupied the school yard to demonstrate against distance learning and at 2.30 pm a discussion center will be held where a document will be drawn up with the proposals to return to a school in the presence.

The students of the Severi high school, in the Sempione area, have positioned their desks in the courtyard of the institute to follow the video lessons and on the facade of the school hangs the banner with the words “You had our future in your hand and you took it away “.

A garrison will also be held at the Volta scientific high school at 3 pm to support young people demonstrating for the reopening of the school, with a series of interventions by students.

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In many high schools in the city there is excitement waiting to know if from Monday 18 January it will be possible to return to the classroom in the presence, after the sentence of the Lombardy TAR which suspended the regional ordinance which provided for remote teaching until 24 January.



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