School, “change goggles every 4 hours”




School, change mask every 4 hours

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“The masks do not hurt, they can be safely used for as long as you are at school, provided change every 4 hours to prevent microbes from accumulating “. This is underlined on Facebook by theimmunologist of the University of Padua Antonella Viola. “It is important to keep the windows open or to change the air often (every time change)”, adds Viola.

“We cannot share pens and markers, each student must use their own, but this does not mean that the teacher cannot touch their homework or notebooks – the immunologist remembers – The recommendation is always the same: clean hands! contagion from objects is low: if it were otherwise, we could not exchange money, documents, go to the supermarket. Nobody ever asked us to put money in envelopes or quarantine. Even in supermarkets and shops, while in the beginning they were used gloves, then it became clear that you just need to disinfect your hands to avoid problems. So, you really don’t understand why things should be different for school “, he concludes.

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