School bus accident – The fatalities came from this place

Two children were killed in a school bus accident in Thuringia. The local people are shocked. The developments in the news blog.

6.40 p.m .: Further devotions planned for Friday

Josephin Hartwig: “It is really very depressing.” During the spontaneous prayer in the small church in Bischofroda, the pastors who were already in the primary school during the day are there. They try to give consolation to the people. “Another prayer has been announced for Friday, in which the regional bishop will also take part. It is to begin at 6:00 p.m. in the Bischofroda church.

5.30 p.m .: Devotion in Bischofroda

Josephin Hartwig reports from Thuringia: “About a hundred people came to a prayer in the small church in Bischofroda. It is very quiet. Hardly anyone speaks on the way up to the church up the hill. Two candles light up on a small altar. The two deceased children come from this place. Many people sign the condolence book. “

5:35 pm: Fatalities come from Bischofroda

The two children who died in the bus accident come from Bischofroda, a municipality that belongs to Hainich-Werratal in the Wartburg district. It is said to be a girl and a boy, both of whom are said to be eight years old.

5.25 pm: Jan S .: “The bus driver had no chance” reporter Josephin Hartwig spoke to a local resident who lives opposite the scene of the accident. He reports that he drove on the road shortly before the accident. It is said to have been smooth as glass. “I started skidding myself, my car turned on the road,” said Jan S .. Also: “The layer of ice was definitely two centimeters thick.” reporter Josephin Hartwig in Thuringia: Two children died in a school bus accident. (Source:

5.20 p.m .: Accident location – street with limited winter service

The street on which the accident occurred is a street with limited winter service. The road is used by agricultural vehicles, and by residents as a bypass.

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16:36: Recovery of the bus is running

After the accident, in which two children died, the bus has now been recovered.

4:17 pm: ADAC recommends school buses with seat belts

The ADAC also comments on the safety of school buses. According to the spokeswoman Melanie Mikulla, buses have been compulsory for equipment since 1999. This means that all new registrations, if there is no standing room, must be equipped with belts. As soon as a bus is equipped with belts, there is a duty to fasten your seat belt, even in school buses.

However, there is no obligation to only use buses with belts for school buses. So buses with a standing area can also be used, according to Mikulla. For this reason, the ADAC only recommends using school buses that have seats with belts. In addition, the students should be instructed that they have to buckle up on the bus.

12.05 p.m .: Press conference ended

Cancer ends the press conference. Further information would be announced as soon as possible.

12 noon: cobblestones at the accident site “very smooth”

The conditions at the scene of the accident seem to have promoted the accident. “The cobblestones at the scene of the accident were very smooth,” said Lierhammer, saying that the emergency services immediately sprinkled salt on arrival. According to this, the bus got slippery on smooth cobblestones at around 7.30 a.m. and slipped backwards. So far, there is no evidence of a technical cause or misconduct by the driver.

11:59: More information about the victims

The children who died were both eight years old, and were a girl and a boy. Both children attended the second class of the elementary school in Berka in front of the Hainich. A total of 22 pupils between the ages of eight and eleven would have stayed in the bus.

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11.55 a.m .: situation on site “depressing”

Christian Grebe, on-site operations manager, announces further details. Eight life-saving appliances were used on site. To make matters worse, many volunteers came from the area of ​​those affected. The situation on site was depressing, “the emergency services did a great job”.

11.50 a.m .: Police director: “Course of the accident is not commonplace”

Police director Günther Lierhammer from LPI Gotha comments cautiously: “We can only announce the first rough details. The bus slid backwards over the cobblestones, then got off the road and overturned several times.”

Two children were killed and five other children seriously injured. A crisis intervention team is on site.

“The course of the accident is also not an everyday occurrence for us”, the accident picture on site had put the task force to the test. There is currently no further knowledge of the accident.

11:43: Interior Minister Maier: “Today is not the day to speculate”

“We were all surprised this morning by this news and the sad result that two children died,” says a visibly affected Maier. Another child was seriously injured in a hospital in Gotha. The whole place is in shock.

Affected: Thuringia's Interior Minister Georg Maier. (Source: imago images)Affected: Thuringia’s Interior Minister Georg Maier. (Source: imago images)

Maier thanks the emergency services on site: “We have a total of eight vehicles in use with 26 comrades.” The police are also involved with 25 other forces

The politician also emphasizes: “Today is not the day to speculate. I would also like to make it clear that we will do everything we can to help those affected locally.”

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11:38: Press conference has started

In the staff room of the Wartburgkreis rescue center, District Administrator Reinhard Krebs first expresses his condolences. Then Thuringia’s Interior Minister Maier has his say.

11:15 a.m .: Press conference scheduled for 11:30 a.m.

The district office Thuringia has a press conference in the staff room of the Wartburgkreis rescue center for 11:30 a.m. Eisenach granted, among other things, District Administrator Reinhard Krebs, Vice District Administrator Udo Schilling and the operational management will speak.

Reinhard Krebs: The district administrator of the Wartburgkreis speaks at a press conference about the accident. (Source: imago images / Bild13)Reinhard Krebs: The district administrator of the Wartburgkreis speaks at a press conference about the accident. (Source: Bild13 / imago images)

11.05 a.m .: Secretariat to Lessons at the affected school are canceled

At the State Elementary School Berka in front of the Hainich, the decision was immediately made to drop out of lessons. There is now an attempt to reach all parents to have the children picked up, the secretariat said on request from Care is provided for children who are not picked up.

  (Source: (Source:

10.30 a.m .: Ramelow reacts to misfortune

Prime Minister of Thuringia Bodo Ramelow was shown in a first reaction badly affected by the accident.

“There are two dead schoolchildren and I mourn with the parents and relatives,” Ramelow wrote on Twitter. “I wish the injured a speedy recovery and we want to assist the parents.”


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